my rhapsody

my rhapsody

Thursday, March 3, 2011

i was speechless!

we were hungry..
drama practice started quite early, 1 o'clock..
i didn't have the time to take my lunch..
after some hard work performing on stage,
my stomach growled and i couldn't wait no more..

azie needed to go to the post office to claim her parcel..
so we went to kb post office..
unfortunately, the van has not yet returned to the office..
sorry azie.. i tried to drive as fast as i could to
get to the post office before the business hour ends..
maybe today was just not our day..
everything happened not just the way we wanted..

that was not the only thing that happened..
after the visit to the post office, we stopped at
Sutera Restaurant for lunch for we were starving!
after devouring three "scrumptious" imported meat,
cooked in a way which was no comparison to shukur or yus..
we walked out the restaurant with sigh... however!!!
credits to Azie for the treat!!!!:)

we walked towards Anie's car..
i was the designated driver for cohort 4 girls..
so i was with the car key..
i ignited the car and put the gear in reverse..
as usual, reverse does not need much speed..
i pressed the acceleration softly and
i was shocked!!!
was it a bike?
was it a motorcycle?
no!!!!it was a vios!!!!!!!!

sweat began to wet my face..
on the nose...
above my lips..
my legs trembled..
my feet were weak..
Azie looked behind her shoulder..
"ferr, xde pape, xkemek pon"
so i thought i was lucky enough..

suddenly...'knock knock knock'
there was a guy in red tshirt asking anie
to draw the window down..
"bakpo lentum keto blkg nyo??"
i'm a dead meat!!"
"maghi la klua tgk"
i moved slowly...
trembling..i tried to switch off the ac and the radio..
one by one...
i was so scared...
"shit!RM300 will be burnt just for this.."
i turned off the ignition..

i stepped out of the car..
i looked at the people who started to crowd the
scene.. everybody was in awe..
i looked at the car...
since it was a i was so scared..
but...nothing...i really mean, NOTHING..
i tried to look at it again...
yet i couldn't find any scratch or dent other than dirt
on that car..
that car was so dusty and dirty..
the owner, was so 'poyo'!
i know it was my fault..
yes, i admit it..but hello!!
look at the way you parked your car dude!!
the rear, even the whole car was not even within the parking space!!!
he tried to rub the front bumper looking for scratch he taught i made..
guess what???? there was none!
it turned out he was just rubbing the dirt on his bumper!!!

he was not going to let us go, no no no..not like that..
so he began inspecting his plate number..
there was a peeled off paint..
"ni calar ni.."
"bang, saye reverse straight je td, plate keta ni x kene pon..
camne plak saye yg wat calar ni??"
everybody was silent...

then i saw..a man in white shirt...
luckily he was a good hearted man ..
he saw everything..
he stepped forward..
probably, he is more EDUCATED than the others..
"dok calar pon kan??"

i felt my heart leaped for joy!!
at least there was someone who saw the actual thing..
"bang, mane owner keta ni??
mcmne kite nk settle ni?"
i was so glad the man in white shirt was there...
"dok payoh la dik..dok calar pon"
the owner remained silent...
he couldn't say much..
he knew he overreacted over some small matters..

everything was settled, i could spare my RM300..
but my legs still trembled all the way home..

as we arrived at the gate of our house..
i slowly walked to the rear bumper..
searching for scratches or dents...
but Anie pulled me away..
took me into the house..
"Anie,ferr mtk maaf sgt...ferr sggp byr bpe pon..
if ani anta kedai ckp je..ferr bg duit.."
but as usual, having a friend like anie, an angelic friend..
of course she would say no...
"takde bende la ferr..bukan lekuk pon.. 
bende da nak jd..if anie bwk pon, da tertules nk
kene..trlanggar jgk ferr..if ferr ckp lg psl bnd ni esk siapp!!"
that was anie... always good to anybody..
but nothing could stop me from feeling guilty..
a hhhugeee one...

from this day on, I declare myself..
i will not be cohort 4 supir anymore..
no, no... not anymore...
the guilt is too great to bear...
anie...thank you anie..for not being mad..
azie, thanks for laughing at the owner's
stupidity and 'poyoness'...

after all, today was such an unbelievable experience..
Oh God, no more please...
at least not like this one:)

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